Eunbi Kim, Concert Pianist, Bride

"I absolutely LOVED working with Ivey on my wedding day. I was SO happy with how my look turned out, and it came out perfectly in my photos. Ivey is an expert when it comes to knowing what looks good in photography and also creating hair and makeup that will last the entire day. She also gave everyone complimentary touch-up kits which was really nice. She has a lot of patience if you happen to not be used to wearing makeup and will guide you through everything with a smile. She talked me into wearing false eyelashes and everyone complimented me on how great they looked throughout the day. I have a skin disorder, eczema, which can cause bad reactions, and Ivey is very mindful of that and also always uses top-of-the-line makeup products. I respect Ivey a lot for all the care she puts into her work- she will go the extra mile to make sure you look fantastic! I have worked with Ivey now 7 times for various events, and I'm so glad to have had her to trust for this important occasion. If you hire Ivey, I guarantee you are in excellent hands. As an (important) bonus, she's always early!"